(Foto by Pepe Zalba)

"The moving body had amazed me since my first breakdance class. Through years of research and education my mind and body opened up more to connect with various dance fields and approaches to contemporary art forms.

During the exchange studies in Valencia I got strongly in touch with contemporary choreographing. I discovered that conceptual work was the missing link to my dance.

I is dragging me to dig deeper than just the physical motion. The most interesting approach for my work appeared to be the combination of different dance forms. Urban and contemporary styles are playing my main elements but also folk dances are examined. I am researching what they have in common where their distinctions are and especially how they are influenced and restricted by their cultural contexts.”




(Original Amiss)

Orig.ami is a dance piece that was created in Vietnam, Macau, Taiwan and Austria. 

This piece carries the audience off into a world from paper that opposes knowledge and wisdom.

If life is like a piece of paper, were we born as blanks? As we grow, are we keeping copying texts from other books, and gradually becoming a thicker volume? How many texts therein truly represent us? Are we just wasting paper every day?

When we make texts standing against texts by fold paper from the book (of life), what will we discover in ourselves? Orig.ami tries to represent “wisdom” and “knowledge” with human body and paper respectively, physically experimenting on the “wisdom vs knowledge” test.



The piece was premiered in March 2019 and yet performed at Macau Literary Festival, Dream Community Taipei, Macau BOK Festival and Bogart House New York, further performances are fixed in Yokohama for February 2020.



The I.D.P. is intended to connect different cultures through dance and art. The first part of this project was realized in the winter of 2014/2015 in Kolkata (India), where we prepared and performed the dance performance "Life Atho Kotha". The idea of combining various types of dance, such as breakdance as part of hip hop "sub" culture with classical Indian dance, a millennia old "primal" culture, proved to be a great success.

In the second part of the project (IDP # 2), five of the Indian dancers came to Austria in spring of 2018 to create and perform a new dance piece on the subject of integration called "Extegrity", in Linz, Vienna and Salzburg, together with Austrian based artists.

Supported by:

Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

Linz Kultur

Red Sapata Tanzfabrik


"This is an experimental dance film project that was realized in the Austrian Alps (Nationalpark Kalkalpen), which uses dance in the context of land-arts. The dancers worked with movement languages which are originated in an urban environment, like Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop and Bboying. This movie is an approach to reflect through the physical experiences of the dancers the relationship between humans and nature.”

Programmed at the following Filmfestivals in 2017:

  • Crossing Europe
  • Tanzhafen Festival 
  • Festival Internacional VideoDanzaBA Buenos Aires
  • International Meeting on Video-dance and Video-performance Valencia
  • Opening of Austrian Independent Filmfestivals Jahresausstellung (Award for the best dancefilm of the festival)



"Is a collaborative dance production with three other artists under the name - Narrators Lowdown. The collective consisted of three dancers (Anni Taskula, Weng Teng Choi Buttinger and Elias Choi Buttinger) and one photographer (Paul Vincenth Schütz).

The work arouse questions about our realities and fantasies and challenges the viewers to rethink their points of view.

The piece was created through two residencies across Europe and Asia, in RedSapata Tanzfabrik (Austria) and Bulareyaung Dance Company (Taiwan). Premiere was on the Taipei Fringe Festival 2016 and won best dance-production of the year.”

Supported by Linz Kultur

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