"I am observing that urban movement techniques in combination with contemporary dance concepts are complementary to each other for potential creation.

In my master classes I am mixing urban and contemporary dance ideas and techniques. I provide the students with movement techniques out of contemporary and urban dance styles (especially breaking and flying low) to open up their physical abilities.

Furthermore I use different kinds of methods to lead them into improvisation-tasks with their own physical abilities thereby to develop their own movement techniques and expression further.

The main elements in this classes are the floor, movement dynamics and the connection between our eyes and movements.”


"I have been teaching breaking classes since 2008. During that time I learned to approach this element from very different angles as every person has a different constitution and learning method. My challenge is to understand how people comprehend and support them in their own way.

I am teaching beginners as well as advanced classes.

For beginners my focus is on a solid technical base in breaking and an introduction into funk styles (locking, popping, electric boogaloo).

In the advanced classes, the students have to take more initiative. I will introduce them into different tasks how to create dance materials by themselves and they will present it in showings and cyphers.

This self-contained but still guided way of training offers the freedom to develop beyond the basics. Like this they can discover their independent motivation and ways of practice and their own way of expression.”

"Sharing my skills in breaking in open trainings with beginners, I'm doing already since more than a decade. Like this, my teaching had developed naturally.

In my contemporary dance studies I completed a degree in pedagogy. This education opend new ways for me to analyse and reflect my teaching.

One of the most important points for me as a teacher is to stay open for the moment and to react on impulses coming from the students, to evoke a maximum integration of their initiative.

My classes are mainly based on breaking and contemporary floor techniques. In addition, popping, electro boogaloo and different kinds of contemporary concepts are standing also as a inspiration behind the ways I teach to move.”

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